Bringing back the Basket full of Flowers

I just love the idea of a basket full of flowers in a free flowing and romantic style. I feel personally that flower basket arrangements have gone out of style because you can't really get nice ones anymore. If I look online to buy one, I can't find any that I like. They are so fun to make and so beautiful, I feel like there is a lot you can do with them.

I have found on Instagram that a lot of the wonderful basket arrangements are from China and Japan. They have so much movement in them and look so perfectly natural. If you are interested in following some florists that make incredible flower basket arrangements I would recommend looking at, Monapure and May.fleur.

I would love to see flower basket arrangements come back in to bloom, give them as a gift or have them as a table centre at your wedding or instead of bridesmaids bouquets. I think it would look so magical and unique. I have just added them as a product on my store, check it out now.

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